1.0 A ticket that has been issued to passengers is evidence of a contract between passengers and operator to lawfully ride on the Menara Taming Sari. An operator’s ticket sales staff will give advice about tickets and any restrictions concerning their use.

2.0 Please note that all ticket sales are final and not refundable. Also once tickets are issued, they are like cash and will not be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen.

3.0 All passengers shall, while in the Menara Taming Sari or stations and premises, comply with all notices, indicators and any reasonable direction and request of the operator.

4.0 Infants and children below 10 years old shall not be allowed to ride unless accompanied by their parent or guardian.

5.0 Passengers under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs, or are unable to control their actions in a responsible manner for any reasons including mental or other illnesses shall not be allowed to ride.

6.0 Smoking is prohibited in the cabin. Cabin is non-smoking area.

7.0 Passengers must be advised not to stand up and/or to leave their seats and not to lean out of the cabin.

8.0 Animals shall not be allowed onto the ride.

9.0 No umbrellas, walking sticks large or sharp objects shall be allowed onto the ride.

10.0 Cabin shall not be loaded beyond the recommended limitations. Average design weight per seat is 175 lbs / 80 kg. Passengers should be seated for even weight distribution.

11.0 In order to experience this ride, a customer with disability must be in good health, have typical size / weight arms / legs and have full upper body mobility with full strength. He / She must be able transfer from his / her wheelchair with minimum help and could be evacuated by the emergency evacuation procedures of the ride operator.

12.0 Cabin operator will assist the passengers as follows but not limited to:-

  • Load and unload the cabin as safely and quickly as possible.
  • Assist passengers safely out of the cabin and help new passengers into the cabin and seats in a way to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed in full length.
  • Aid passengers as they may not be accustomed to the equipment and movements in the cabin.
  • Make certain passengers fully meet the required restrictions for riding, such as height / weight requirements and other limitations. Passengers should also be informed of the ride restrictions during their ride as specified such as no swapping seats, no standing and no rocking of the cabin.
  • Assist to pre-group the passengers in the station / waiting area before the loading process takes place.

13.0 Passengers enter the cabin / premises at their own risk. The operator shall not be responsible for any injuries and safety or any cause beyond operator control.